The Advancing Public Understanding program represents the heart of the NAMI work. This program is multi-faceted, with public outreach in the form of conferences/forums/meetings as its central goal. As a convening organization, NAMI�s strength is in its ability to enrich the dialog on North American issues by bringing together experts from around the region to discuss relevant topics. The region of North America has changed in that integration is no longer an idea, but a reality that we are all experiencing on a daily basis. Major newspapers write about this every day; colleges and universities have created entire curricula around North American studies; federal policies are crafted specifically for North America; and government representatives, from Presidents to Ministers and on down the line, are meeting to discuss the continued integration. In response to this, NAMI fosters conferences, meetings, and workshops designed to promote discussion on relevant North American topics.

NAMI brings together experts on critical issues to produce high quality educational material for purposes of public education and to stimulate informed debate, constructive decision making and sound policy formulation. The Institute, with assistance from partner organizations, seeks to identify those issues of the highest priority for resolution and involve those experts most qualified to render sound opinion and guidance. While NAMI remains a non-political organization, it will advocate those positions and solutions that it believes will contribute to the improved health of the North American community in line with its vision.

Coming in the fall of 2003:

Washington, D.C.

The Auto Industry in North America represents the single largest economic driver for the trading region, and a large percentage of the trade between Canada, United States, and Mexico pertains to this industry. The conference will address this increasingly complex industry by examining the unique cross-border relationships and partnerships that have been formed, its importance to the GDP of the region, and the political and economic spectrum under which it operates.

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